Ashley and Lloyd

Enchanting wedding at Brympton House

Ashley and Lloyd

Enchanting Wedding at Brympton House

Location: Brympton House
Date: 19th August 2023
The air at Brympton House was charged with anticipation and excitement as the sun began its ascent, painting the sky with hues of gold and pink. It was the morning of Ashley and Lloyd's wedding, a day that promised to be as breathtaking as the couple themselves. Our team, equipped with cameras and drones, arrived early to ensure no moment went uncaptured, starting with the bride and groom's preparations.

With two camera operators on hand, we had the unique opportunity to film both Ashley and Lloyd as they readied themselves for their nuptials. While Ashley was surrounded by her bridesmaids, laughter and love filling the room, Lloyd shared moments of camaraderie with his groomsmen, each second brimming with anticipation. Amidst these preparations, our drones soared above, capturing the stunning landscape of Brympton House, setting a magnificent backdrop to their day.
The ceremony itself was a cinematic dream, brought to life with a three-camera setup that ensured every emotion, every tender glance, and the overwhelming joy of their union was captured from multiple angles. This approach allowed us to craft a final video that was nothing short of cinematic, immersing viewers in the depth of Ashley and Lloyd's love story.
Following their heartfelt vows, the newlyweds made a jubilant exit, walking hand in hand through a shower of confetti - a moment that sparkled as brightly on video as it did in reality. Then, it was time for group shots with the talented photographer, while our video team captured the lively champagne reception. The guests' laughter and chatter filled the air, creating a backdrop of warmth and festivity.
As the celebration moved inside the exquisite venue, we filmed the elegantly decorated tables and floral arrangements, each detail a testament to Ashley and Lloyd's impeccable taste. The guests began to settle, and the first round of food was served, setting the stage for the speeches. Our three-camera setup was once again instrumental, capturing the speaker's earnest words, the couple's reactions, and the guests' responses, enveloping the room in a tapestry of emotions.
In the midst of the festivities, we whisked Ashley and Lloyd away for a private shoot in the serene surroundings of Brympton House. The footage of them, smiling, laughing, and holding hands, was a poignant reminder of the day's significance. This moment of solitude allowed them to pause and soak in the reality of their new life together as husband and wife.
Upon their return, Ashley and Lloyd were greeted with a cascade of toasts and speeches from a few more cherished family members, each word deepening the emotional resonance of the day. As the sun dipped below the horizon, bathing the venue in soft twilight, the celebration moved downstairs for the eagerly anticipated cake cutting ceremony. This tradition, both gorgeous and fun, was perfectly timed, injecting a burst of excitement into the evening. Ashley and Lloyd, surrounded by the warmth of their friends and family, cut the cake, their smiles as sweet as the moment itself.
The night then took a turn for the magical as the newlyweds stepped outside for a walk under the sparkles. This wasn't just any walk... It was a symbol of their journey ahead, illuminated by the happiness and cheers of their guests. The sparklers, held by their loved ones, cast a glow that mirrored the joy in Ashley and Lloyd's hearts, creating a pathway of light for them to walk through. It was a moment of pure bliss, capturing the essence of their love story.
As the evening unfolded, a campfire beckoned the guests to gather around its comforting warmth. This intimate setting became the perfect backdrop for conversations, allowing old friends to catch up and new friendships to blossom. Our cameras were there, discreet yet omnipresent, capturing the laughter, the stories, and the soft glow of the firelight on the faces of those gathered around it. This footage added a layer of warmth and intimacy to the wedding video, showcasing the love and community that surrounded Ashley and Lloyd on their special day.
The pinnacle of the evening was the couple's first dance, a moment so beautifully lit, it seemed as if they were dancing in moonlight. With two camera operators, we were able to capture every angle of their dance, turning their love story into a visual fairytale. The gentle sway of their dance, their eyes locked on each other, and the soft light enveloping them created an ethereal atmosphere, a perfect encapsulation of their love.
At Filmarry, we believe that every love story is unique, a tapestry of moments that, when woven together, reveal the depth and beauty of a couple's journey. Our approach to capturing your wedding day is different because we see beyond the event itself - we see the narrative, the unspoken words, the shared glances, and the laughter that echoes the essence of your bond.
Why choose Filmarry?

A cinematic journey, not just a video

Your wedding is a story, and we're here to tell it. From the gentle preparations of the morning to the euphoric dance steps under the moonlight, we capture it all. Our storytelling style brings out the emotion and beauty of your day, transforming each moment into a cinematic experience. When you choose Filmarry, you're not just getting a wedding video; you're receiving a timeless narrative of your most cherished day.

Dual perspectives, comprehensive coverage
The magic of your wedding day unfolds in multiple dimensions, and we ensure none is overlooked. With our two-camera operators, we capture every angle, every look, and every emotion. This dual perspective allows us to create a more dynamic and comprehensive portrayal of your wedding, ensuring that the final product is as multifaceted and profound as your love story.
We understand that every couple has a different vision for their wedding video. That's why we offer flexibility in the length of our videos, ranging from concise 10-minute highlights that capture the essence of your day to expansive 40-minute films that delve deeper into your wedding narrative. Whether you want a brief memento to share with friends and family or a detailed recount of your day's journey, Filmarry can tailor our services to meet your desires.
Customised length for your story
Why couples should choose us

Choosing Filmarry means entrusting your memories to storytellers who see the art in the moments. Our dedication to capturing the soul of your wedding day sets us apart. We're not just videographers; we're cinematic artisans committed to crafting a visual legacy of your love.
With Filmarry, your wedding video becomes an heirloom, a piece of art that commemorates the start of your journey together. It's not just about recording events; it's about capturing the spirit of your union, the laughter, the tears, and the love that defines you as a couple.