Capturing love worldwide
Capturing love worldwide
As premiere London-based wedding videographers and photographers, Filmarry specialises in cinematic wedding videography and photography, capturing every heartfelt moment of your special day.
Picture yourself a decade from now, flipping through your wedding video. Those timeless moments - your grandmother’s knowing glance, the gentle squeeze from your dad’s hand, the first mesmerised look from your partner - are the ones you'll cherish.

At Filmarry we specialise in crafting those stories, infusing every shot with the warmth and joy of your most heartfelt day. Our expertise in cinematic wedding videography isn’t just about capturing scenes, it’s about preserving your unique love story with every frame, making your ‘I do’ moment resonate across the globe.
Discover the essence of Filmarry's cinematic wedding videography, where each frame is a work of art. Our London-based team travels across the UK and beyond, specialising in capturing the soul of your special day. Known for our artful composition and documentary style, we don't just film weddings, we tell stories. Your day deserves the best, and we're committed to delivering wedding films that are as timeless and unique as your love story. Trust us to bring the magic of cinema to your wedding's most cherished moments.
Destination weddings
Your Petra wedding - where every sunset and stone-carved backdrop enhances your story. As your Jordan wedding photographer and destination wedding videographer, we're about real moments, tailored to you, set in the breathtaking heart of Petra.
Find your dedicated videographer Tuscany, capturing the charm of Italy with expertise. Fimarry - where wedding photographer Tuscany Italy meets Tuscany wedding videographer.
Filmarry brings your Lake Como wedding to life. Lake Como wedding price with affordable packages that include both videography and photography.
Discover our Amalfi Coast wedding packages for a dreamy Italian backdrop, capturing your moments in stunning Amalfi Coast wedding photos. Trust Filmarry to be your destination wedding videographer, turning your Amalfi celebration into an unforgettable story.
Say ‘oui’ to Paris with Filmarry, where your love story is filmed by a Paris wedding videographer and each smile is captured by a Paris wedding photographer. Weddings in Paris France - Elegant, romantic, and simply Parisian.
Fimarry's Bali wedding videographer captures your bliss, weaving Bali wedding video magic, while our photography immortalises the island's charm.

Your wedding deserves more than just a highlight reel. It demands a cinematic story that echoes your unique journey.

With Filmarry's destination wedding videography, your film will be a collection of timeless memories, from whispered vows to warm toasts, each moment captured with our signature luxury touch. Our lens focuses on the heartfelt - the shared glances, the spontaneous laughter, ensuring your 'I do' is not just seen, but felt, no matter where in the world your heart leads you.
We believe in the art of capturing emotions, crafting a visual legacy that transcends the ordinary. Your bespoke wedding film isn't just a video - it's a cinematic journey of your special day, brought to life through Filmarry's passionate storytelling. Our team is dedicated to turning your cherished moments into an exquisite narrative, from the intimate glances in a grand Parisian hall to the joyous celebrations on a sun-drenched beach in Bali
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Experience the enchantment of Filmarry's wedding films. Dive into our gallery of destination weddings, featuring cinematic videography that captures the essence of each couple's story across stunning global backdrops.
Explore Filmarry's wedding videography packages tailored to capture your day perfectly. Uncover the perfect videography package for your wedding. From intimate elopements to grand celebrations, we offer transparent pricing for our bespoke services.
Let Filmarry's lenses tell the story of your wedding day. Our photography portfolio is filled with moments of genuine emotion and beauty, each image a testament to the unique journey you embark upon together.
Mariam & Peter
"We entrusted one of the most important days of our lives to them, and they exceeded all expectations. Filmarry not only made our bridal party feel at ease, but also treated us as unique individuals. We highly recommend them for anyone in search of a dedicated, passionate and skilled professional in his field."

Your story is too good not to capture