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What to ask your videographer


What to ask your videographer: Ensuring your wedding memories are perfectly captured

Hey there, lovebirds! Planning a wedding can feel like juggling a hundred different things at once. One of the most crucial aspects to get right is your wedding videography. After all, these are the memories you'll want to relive time and time again. Choosing the right videographer is essential, and knowing the right questions to ask can make all the difference. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to ask your videographer to ensure your wedding day is captured just the way you want it.

Understanding their style and experience

  • What is your videography style? Videographers often have distinct styles – cinematic, documentary, traditional, or a mix. Understanding their style will help you see if it aligns with your vision for the wedding video.
  • Can we see a full-length wedding video? Highlight reels are great, but a full-length video gives you a better sense of their storytelling abilities and attention to detail.
  • How many weddings have you filmed? Experience matters. A seasoned videographer will be able to handle unexpected situations and know how to capture the best moments seamlessly.
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Planning and preparation

Understanding the videographer's process for working with couples from the initial consultation to the final delivery will give you a sense of what to expect and how involved you’ll need to be. Discussing specific shots you want is important, so ask how they incorporate your requests while ensuring the flow of the day is natural. A site visit before the wedding can help the videographer plan shots and understand the lighting conditions at different times of the day. Coordination with the photographer is crucial; ensure they plan to work in harmony to provide smooth and unobtrusive coverage of both photo and video.

Technical details

  • What equipment do you use? High-quality cameras, microphones, and lighting equipment are crucial for capturing clear, beautiful footage.
  • Do you use drones or other special equipment? Drones can provide stunning aerial shots of your venue. If you’re interested in this, check if they offer drone footage and if there are any restrictions.
  • How do you ensure good audio quality? Clear audio is essential, especially for vows and speeches. Ask about their microphones and audio recording equipment.
  • Do you have backup equipment? Equipment failure can happen. Ensure they have backups for cameras, audio, and lighting to avoid any mishaps.

Coverage and packages

Ensure the videographer's coverage hours align with your wedding timeline to avoid missing any important moments. Understand the different packages they offer and what’s included, such as highlight reels, full-length videos, teaser trailers, or raw footage. If their standard packages don’t quite fit your vision, ask if they can customize one for you. Consider the number of videographers that will be present at your wedding, as more videographers mean more angles and better coverage, especially for larger weddings.

Post-production and delivery

  • How long does it take to receive our wedding video? Editing can take time. Get a clear timeline so you know when to expect your video.
  • How is the final video delivered? Find out if the video will be delivered via USB, online download, or another method. Also, ask about the format and resolution.
  • Can we request revisions? Ensure there is a process for requesting revisions if there are aspects of the final video you want to adjust.
  • Do you provide raw footage? Some couples like having all the raw footage for personal use. Check if this is an option and if there’s an additional cost.

Contract and payment

Understand the videographer's pricing structure, including any potential extra fees for travel, overtime, or special requests, to get a clear picture of the full cost. Know the payment schedule, including when payments are due and the accepted payment methods. Ensure there is a contract in place, as it protects both parties by clearly outlining all details before signing. Understand their cancellation and refund policy in case you need to cancel or reschedule. Verify that the videographer is insured to cover any accidents or damages that might occur.

Filmarry: Your story, our passion

At Filmarry, we take immense pride in following crucial guidelines to create unforgettable wedding highlight videos. Understanding your vision is at the heart of what we do, and from the initial consultation to the final delivery, we ensure that every step of our process is transparent and collaborative. Our team is experienced in capturing a wide range of wedding styles, ensuring that your unique story is told beautifully.

Personalised attention

We believe that every couple has a unique love story, and it's our mission to capture it authentically. From the moment you reach out to us, we take the time to get to know you. We discuss your preferences, understand your vision, and ensure that your personality shines through in every frame. Our initial consultations are designed to make you feel comfortable and excited about the process, setting the stage for a collaborative and enjoyable experience.
Our team at Filmarry is comprised of skilled professionals who have years of experience in wedding videography. We have had the pleasure of working with couples from various backgrounds, each with their own distinct style and story. This diversity enriches our work and enables us to adapt to different wedding themes and traditions seamlessly. Whether it's a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, we bring the same level of dedication and expertise to every project.
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Advanced technology

At Filmarry, we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your wedding video is both visually stunning and audibly clear. Our high-quality cameras, microphones, and lighting equipment capture every detail beautifully. We also come prepared with backup equipment to handle any unforeseen issues, ensuring that nothing is missed. Our use of drones and other special equipment adds a unique perspective to your video, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Customised packages

We understand that every couple has different needs and preferences, which is why our coverage and packages are designed to be flexible. Whether you want a highlight reel, a full-length video, or both, we can customize our offerings to suit your vision. Our experienced team provides comprehensive coverage that captures every angle and emotion, ensuring that your video is a true reflection of your special day.