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Why choose Filmarry for your wedding videography?

Local expertise: As a local videography service, Filmarry understands the nuances and beauty of your area. Whether you're getting married in a quaint local church, a bustling downtown venue, or a scenic outdoor setting, we know the locale and how to capture it in the most beautiful light. Our familiarity with the area means we can suggest the perfect spots for intimate shoots and capture the essence of the location that is meaningful to you.
Personalised service: At Filmarry, we believe every couple is unique, and so should be their wedding video. We pride ourselves on creating personalized wedding films that reflect each couple’s personality and the spirit of their celebration. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, we work closely with you to ensure your vision, style, and expectations are not just met but exceeded.
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High-quality production: Our team uses the latest in video technology to produce high-definition, cinematic wedding quality films that you'll cherish forever. With professional-grade cameras, drones for aerial footage, and artistic editing, the final product is a visually stunning representation of your most cherished day.

What sets Filmarry apart?

Artistic storytelling: Our storytelling method involves a meticulous process of planning, shooting, and editing that is tailored to reflect the personality and spirit of each couple we work with. By understanding your personal love story, we can create a video that not only documents but also celebrates and immortalizes the essence of your wedding day. The end result is a beautiful, emotive film that not only showcases the events of the day but also tells a story of love, joy, laughter, and tears—capturing the profound emotions and unforgettable moments of one of the most significant days of your life.
Unobtrusive filming: Our team excels in the art of being present yet invisible. We capture your special moments without interrupting the natural flow of the day. Our goal is for you to enjoy your wedding while we capture the magic quietly and unobtrusively.
Quick turnaround: We understand how eagerly couples await their wedding videos. Filmarry offers one of the quickest turnarounds in the industry, without compromising on quality. We ensure that your wedding film is ready for you to relive those precious moments as soon as possible.
Choosing Filmarry to document your wedding day means entrusting one of your life’s most precious milestones to experts who not only understand the technical aspects of videography but also deeply appreciate the emotional significance of the day. At Filmarry, we are more than just videographers; we are artists and storytellers committed to capturing the essence of your unique love story through beautiful, cinematic visuals that you will treasure for a lifetime. If you're wondering what's the cost for wedding videography is like - we have a pretty open price policy.
Our team at Filmarry brings an unparalleled artistic vision to each project. We pride ourselves on our ability to turn ordinary moments into beautifully crafted scenes that reflect the depth of emotions experienced on your special day. With an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, we ensure that each frame not only looks stunning but also conveys the emotional undertones of your wedding.

Exploring the latest trends in marriage videography

Drone aerial shots: One of the most visually striking advancements in wedding videography is the use of drones to capture aerial shots. Drones offer a bird's-eye view of wedding venues and ceremonies, providing angles that were once impossible or prohibitively expensive to achieve. These aerial shots add a dramatic and cinematic quality to wedding films, showcasing the scale and beauty of the wedding settings—from lush outdoor landscapes to grand architectural features.
Same-week edits: Couples today often desire instant gratification, and same-day edits meet this need beautifully. Videographers capture footage throughout the wedding day and then quickly edit a short highlight reel that can be shown during the reception. This not only wows guests but also allows the couple to relive their day almost immediately. Same-week edits require a skilled videographer who can shoot and edit quickly without sacrificing the artistic quality of the video. Also people often want us to film their wedding invitation video, that is really nice addition to the wedding mood.
Cinematic techniques: More and more videographers are employing techniques traditionally reserved for cinema, such as using gimbal stabilisers for smooth movement, incorporating slow-motion effects, and employing advanced colour grading. These techniques make the final wedding video feel like a movie, with the couple as the starring actors. The cinematic approach adds depth and emotion, making the viewing experience more powerful and memorable.
Innovative use of music and sound: Audio plays a crucial role in setting the tone of a wedding video. The latest trend involves carefully selecting music that complements the mood of the day and syncing visuals to the beat of the music. Additionally, natural sound from the ceremony and reception, like laughter, applause, and heartfelt words, is increasingly being integrated into the footage to preserve the authenticity of the day.
These trends reflect the growing desire among couples to have a wedding video that is not just a record of the day but a masterpiece in its own right, crafted with artistic flair and technical skill. By staying on top of these trends, videographers can offer couples a final product that is as timeless and unique as their love story.

Tailored coverage for every moment

Short & sweet sessions: Ideal for intimate or brief ceremonies, our packages start from 3-hour coverage. This option is perfect if you're planning a small gathering or want to focus on capturing the key moments like the ceremony and the start of the reception.
Full-day filming: For those who don't want to miss a thing, our up to 8-hour coverage ensures we're there from the first smile to the last dance. This option is great for capturing the breadth of your wedding day festivities.
Extended celebrations: If your wedding stretches over a longer period or includes multiple events, we offer flexible packages that cover 10 hours or more. This comprehensive coverage is suited for larger, elaborate weddings where every moment counts.
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Diverse video styles

From the quick glimpse of your day in a teaser film to the detailed narrative of a documentary film, we craft videos that suit your style and preferences. Our highlights film condenses the essence of your celebration into a beautifully edited 6-10 minute video, while the social media film offers a shorter, shareable version to easily post online.

Special features

Beyond traditional videos, we offer unique services like reality TV style guest messages, candid content creation during the event, and even drone Footage for breathtaking aerial views of your venue and celebration.

Flexible add-ons

Each wedding is unique, and sometimes you need a bit more time or a special touch. We offer additional hours of coverage, post-wedding shoots, and even live streaming options to accommodate everything you envision for your wedding videography.
Choosing the right videography service is crucial for ensuring that every laugh, tear, and dance move is preserved. With Filmarry, rest assured that your wedding memories will be captured perfectly, just the way you want to remember them. Happy planning!