Mariam & Peter

Capturing the Magic of St Stephen's Church and Browns Old Jewry

Mariam & Peter

Capturing the Magic of St Stephen's Church and Browns Old Jewry

Location: Westbourne Park
Time: 08:00am
Date: 23.07.2022
That was a sunny day. We met the bride a few hours before the actual wedding because we wanted to capture her getting ready, talking to her bridesmaid and mom. Photographers arrived a little bit later. Wedding is such a thing - when you’re planning it - the day seems incredibly long, and you're trying to fill all the gaps with some kinds of entertainment so guests wouldn't be bored, but at the actual wedding day you open your eyes in the morning, wink and it’s already evening and you’re on the dance floor with your now husband.
Seeing how lots of the brides do not give themselves a moment of realisation that it is their wedding day, we’re trying to film all the important moments blending into the background.

The bride got ready pretty fast, but even that bride got a few calls from nervous groom wondering where is she and how soon she’d be able to get to the ceremony. We're attaching the microphone and the recorder to the huge dress to make sure that the sound quality is excellent.

The makeup and hair is almost done and we have a little bit of time. We sneak out of the hotel and get some clips of the dress hanging on one of the trees outside. The great idea at this point is to call to another part of the team and check if the groom filming goes well.

It does.

The groom, videographers and one photographer have a great time - Peter has already represented the main characters to the team so they know the moms, dads, and the best man's names, filmmakers have attached the mic to him and the receptionist and at that point they’re recording all the necessary footage.
Location: St Stephen's Church
Time: 12:30pm
The bride gets to the venue in time. She looks absolutely stunning but that’s still not the right time to enter the main hall. We’re going in to capture the moment when violinist starts playing. Groom understands that that’s about to happen, we see it from the look on his face. The guests are standing up and the doors are opening.

The bridesmaids start to enter the hall. Slowly, one by one they reveal their tailored with flowers pink dresses. Hair style chosen by the bride looks absolutely amazing on each bride. When the fourth of the five bridesmaids are on the place Peter sees his bride. She is so far away, but she is in his heart, which is beating so much.
The time has come. The bride’s dad is coming closer and getting her hand. Her absolutely magnificent train fills at least half of the church. I am standing behind her to get the view of that majestic dress. At the same time second videographer is shooting her face full of emotions and the third one is filming Peter’s face, who couldn’t stand at one place. It seems like he's about to run and catch her in a huge hug and never let her go..

The Bride entering the main ceremony hall

The charming Mariam takes a few steps towards the love of her life. She’s walking slowly and with every step they’re becoming closer. She is finally close enough. He's taking a step forward and keeps staring at her. He completely forgot the plan and what he was supposed to do next. The only thing he has in his mind is “Oh my God, am I really about to marry this alluring woman?”. The bride’s father getting him back on the ground. He tells Peter to grab Mariam's hand and do some steps together.

Meanwhile the camera operator who has been filming Peter's reaction changes the location and setting up the camera right in the middle of the church. Looking at each other we nod in agreement. We’re ready for the ceremony.
After the ceremony and signing the documents all the guests with newly married couple had a champaign and a little time to chat and make group photos. The group photos of each group takes some time, so while the extremely professional photographers are doing their work, videographers are filming additional clips to fill that moment with details. In a 1 hour full-length video, this bit would look like some sort of highlights incorporated into the film. Then they had a confetti throwing and we moved to the next location.

The way to the bank station took a long time for the bride and groom and even having the reception in central London we didn’t have time for the outside shoots.
Location: The Browns Old Jewry. Central London
Time: 17:00pm
Upon arrival we mentioned that the large part of the guests are dancing. Wait. They’re learning how to dance. The groom and the bride were so much into salsa that they’ve hired professional dance teachers who guide the people and help them make some movements.

The reception went well. People were chatting, painting the picture provided by couple. We want to share you the highlights video we’ve made out of it. That’s exactly how it looks in the full-length wedding video.

They had an incredible first dance and the whole evening was marvellous. Everyone enjoyed their time, some of the close family members had speeches, some friends sang some songs. Overall this wedding was an absolute miracle!
Location: The Hill Garden and Pergola
Time: 12:00pm
Date: 24.07.2022
The next day the wedding videography and photography team met the couple again. This time we met at The Hill Garden and Pergola this amazing location has been chosen by a couple to get some additional footage in more relaxed form. We had fun - the bride was running around, they’ve kissed a lot. As they told us afterwards - we made them feel like they were part of some incredible movie about their love.

We decided that we’re going to end Mariam’s and Peter’s wedding video quite dramatic. Here you can see how it turned out.