Adam and Noemi

A traditional Jewish wedding at Hurlingham Club

Adam and Noemi

A traditional Jewish wedding at Hurlingham Club

The day dawned clear and bright over the prestigious Chelsea Harbour Hotel in London, setting the stage for the beautiful and heartfelt wedding of Adam and Noemi. Our talented videographer, Violet, was onsite early, immersing herself in the vibrant atmosphere of the bride’s preparations. Surrounded by family, Noemi’s morning was filled with laughter and excitement, every detail unfolding seamlessly under Violet’s attentive lens.
Simultaneously, Vitalii, our skilled second camera operator, captured the groom’s preparations at the Hurlingham Club. His footage detailed the anticipation and camaraderie that filled the air as Adam readied himself for one of the most significant days of his life.
As the preparations wrapped up, our team reconvened at the Hurlingham Club, a venue renowned for its elegance and charm. We were perfectly positioned to film the guests as they arrived, their expressions a mix of joy and admiration, as they took their seats and awaited the ceremony.

The air buzzed with excitement as Rabbi Jeremy Gordon made the final preparations, setting a serene yet joyful tone for the ceremony under a beautifully adorned huppah, draped in blue, reflecting the wedding’s color scheme. The music swelled, heralding Adam’s entrance. Flanked by his parents, his walk to the chuppah was a poignant moment, rich with tradition and emotion.
In the serene expanse of the Hurlingham Club, daylight played a pivotal role in elevating the beauty of Adam and Noemi's special day. The venue's distinctive window-like roof invited the sky inside, allowing beams of light to cascade through with an almost divine presence. This natural illumination created a soft, radiant ambience that added a heavenly glow to the ceremony.
The grand doors then opened, and Noemi made her breathtaking entrance. Walking down the aisle with her parents, she looked absolutely stunning, her presence drawing gasps of admiration from all in attendance. Our three-camera setup ensured no detail was missed—from Adam’s awestruck expression to Noemi’s elegant stride and the intricate trail of her dress against the backdrop of an astonished crowd.
Central to this sacred rite was the chuppah, a canopy adorned with blue hues that symbolised the couple's new home, suffused with heritage and hope. The guests, a tapestry of loved ones, stood in reverent silence as Rabbi Jeremy Gordon skilfully guided Adam and Noemi through the ancient and profound traditions.
The circling of the groom, the blessings over the wine, and the exchange of rings - all were performed with a reverence that echoed through the generations. As Adam shattered the glass, the room erupted into cheerful music, signalling the transition from solemn vows to jubilant celebration. The newlyweds ran through a shower of confetti into the reception hall, a moment of pure euphoria captured vividly from multiple angles, thanks to our dual camera operators.
Continuing from the vibrant energy of the ceremony, the champagne reception offered a delightful interlude for the guests, giving us the perfect opportunity to whisk away Adam and Noemi for an exclusive photo and video session. These moments, filled with intimate glances and soft smiles between the couple, were captured beautifully, creating a series of stunning visuals that they would cherish forever. Simultaneously, our collaborating photographer skillfully managed a series of family portraits, capturing the joy and unity of both families coming together.
As the afternoon gave way to evening, the celebration escalated with the commencement of the wild dancing session. It was a sight to behold: every guest, from young to old, joined in the traditional hora dance, their movements a whirlwind of exhilaration and festivity. The energy in the room was palpable, as everyone danced in circles around the jubilant couple, lifting them on chairs, and cheering loudly to celebrate their union. Our cameras were there, capturing every laugh, every cheer, and every dance move, ensuring that Adam and Noemi could relive the joy of these moments anytime they wished.
As the night deepened, the focus shifted to the beautifully staged cake-cutting ceremony, followed by the couple's first dance. The ambiance was further enhanced by a live music ensemble that included a saxophonist, bongo player, singer, violinist, and a DJ, each adding their unique sound to the mix, creating a symphony of celebration. The music was not just heard but felt, as it resonated through the hearts of all present, adding a layer of magic to the evening.

During this time, some of the closest friends of Adam and Noemi stepped forward to deliver heartfelt speeches. Each speech brought laughter, tears, and applause, deepening the emotional resonance of the day. Our team captured these poignant moments with precision, ensuring every significant look and reaction was recorded.

The night was a spectacular showcase of love, music, and dance, each element captured in vivid detail by our skilled videographers. For Adam and Noemi, this wasn’t just their wedding day! It was a living memory, crafted with care and love, documented in a way that brought out the depth of their special day. Through the lens of Filmarry, their wedding was not just filmed; it was transformed into a storybook romance, immortalised in video to be revisited and cherished for the rest of their lives.

In the soft blush of dawn, our Filmarry team embarked on a journey with Adam and Noemi to the seaside, a place where the vastness of the ocean met the tranquility of love. It was here, against the rhythmic whispers of the waves, that we aimed to capture the essence of their bond - a love story as natural and timeless as the sea itself.

The coastline served as a canvas for their romance, the gentle sea breeze and the call of seabirds setting a scene of serene beauty. Our lenses focused on the couple, who, much like two birds in harmonious flight, found in each other a true partner for life's journey. The allegory of the birds - a pair soaring side by side amidst the vast sky - was not lost on us as we filmed. It became a poignant reflection of Adam and Noemi's love, both free and boundless.
On the rugged cliffs of Broadstairs, they shared their first dance, not as a performance for guests but as a private declaration of their love. Here, away from the eyes of the world, their movements spoke a thousand words, their dance a silent promise made to the sound of the sea. This dance was not for the applause of the crowd but for the echo of their hearts, a moment of pure connection, immortalised by the setting sun's golden farewell.

The footage we captured that day did more than just add to their highlights video, it encapsulated the very spirit of Adam and Noemi’s love. The sea, the birds, the cliff - they were all witnesses to a love profound and true, and we at Filmarry were the narrators of this beautiful tale, crafting a video that would allow Adam and Noemi to relive the magic of that day, time and time again.
Why choose Filmarry?

A cinematic journey, not just a video

Choosing Filmarry is not just about selecting a wedding videography service, it's about choosing to tell your story in the most beautiful and authentic way imaginable. Just as we journeyed with Adam and Noemi to the cliffs of Broadstairs, capturing the silent poetry of their love, we commit to discovering the unique essence of each couple's bond.

At Filmarry, we understand that every love story is an intricate narrative, brimming with moments that deserve to be captured with care and depth. With Adam and Noemi, it was the allegorical dance by the sea, a moment that symbolised their love and freedom, their unity amidst the vastness of life's journey. It's this ability to see beyond the moment, to capture the emotion and soul of your relationship, that sets Filmarry apart.

We are more than videographers - we are visual storytellers dedicated to bringing the essence of your love story to the screen. With cinematic finesse and a keen eye for detail, we ensure that every laugh, every tear, and every tender look is preserved. With Filmarry, you’re not just getting a wedding video; you're getting a cinematic keepsake, a crafted piece of art that speaks of your love and will be cherished for generations.

Let Filmarry be the custodian of your memories, capturing the day as it unfolds, just like we did with Adam and Noemi. Because when the flowers have wilted, the cake has been eaten, and the guests have gone, what remains is the story of your day, beautifully immortalised in film. That's the Filmarry promise - to encapsulate the heart of your journey with elegance and artistry.