Hannah & Oli

Boho wedding videographer: Hannah & Oli’s woodland ceremony at Eggington House

Hannah & Oli

Boho wedding videographer: Hannah & Oli’s woodland ceremony at Eggington House

Amid the lush greens and soft rustles of the woodland at Eggington House, Hannah and Oli’s wedding unfolded as a beautiful testament to bohemian elegance and natural charm. On this drizzly summer day, the magic was palpable, with every detail meticulously captured by our skilled Filmarry team, equipped with two videographers dedicated to documenting every moment.
From the early hours, our videographer, Violet, was with Hannah at her family’s home, immersing in the joy and excitement of the bridal preparations. The atmosphere was light and joyful as Hannah revealed her stunning dress to her bridesmaids. The room burst into cheers and applause, a moment of pure happiness heightened by the popping of champagne and laughter that echoed through the house. The conversations with her parents added a layer of warmth and intimacy to the footage, showcasing the close-knit, family-oriented nature of the day.
Meanwhile, Vitalii, our second videographer, was at Eggington House capturing the serene and beautifully decorated woodland setup before the guests arrived. His footage of the venue before the ceremony included dreamy shots of the natural scenery, the elegantly arranged seats, and the marquee that awaited the evening's festivities.
As the ceremony began, our cameras were perfectly positioned to film the emotional entry of the bridesmaids followed by Hannah, who gracefully walked down the aisle with her father. Despite the rain, the spirits were high, and the woodland’s natural canopy softly shielded the guests, adding to the ceremony's intimate and enchanted feel.
Immediately following the ceremony, we captured a brief yet beautiful moment with Hannah and Oli alone. This quick session allowed for some natural shots that Oli was comfortable with, avoiding anything too posed or 'cringey,' respecting his wishes perfectly. The couple's ease in front of the camera was evident, their love and joy effortlessly genuine.
The confetti walk was a vibrant highlight, with bright colors that beautifully complemented the boho theme of the wedding. Our cameras caught the flutter of confetti around the beaming couple, a visual celebration of their new beginning.
Post-ceremony, the beer and champagne reception was a delightful affair with Hannah and Oli mingling with their guests. Our videography captured these candid moments of the couple sharing time with each guest, reflecting the communal joy and the couple’s thoughtful engagement with every person in attendance.

As the day transitioned to evening, the celebration moved to the marquee, where everything was set for the wedding lunch. The interior was a continuation of the boho theme, with natural elements and soft lighting creating a cozy yet festive dining atmosphere.

Our Filmarry team went beyond just capturing the main events. We understand that the essence of a wedding film lies in the details and the fleeting moments that create the atmosphere of the day. That's why we put special emphasis on crafting highlights that interweave seamlessly with the speeches, adding layers of narrative depth and visual interest to the final wedding film.
Capturing moments: highlight reels that bring your wedding speeches to life
We understand that the essence of a wedding film lies in the details and the fleeting moments that create the atmosphere of the day. That's why we put special emphasis on crafting highlights that interweave seamlessly with the speeches, adding layers of narrative depth and visual interest to the final wedding film.
By integrating these highlights amid the speeches, we ensure that the wedding video remains engaging and dynamic, showcasing a well-rounded depiction of the wedding day. This approach not only keeps viewers captivated but also paints a fuller picture of the day's atmosphere, making every rewatch a return to those precious moments. These highlights are crafted not just to entertain but to preserve the essence of Hannah and Oli’s celebration, allowing them and their loved ones to relive the magic of that day, again and again.
As the speeches began in the heart of the enchanting marquee, our team at Filmarry was perfectly positioned to capture the full spectrum of emotions. With two camera operators on hand, we seamlessly filmed both the speakers and the reactions of the audience. This dual-camera setup proved invaluable, allowing us to capture the laughter, tears, and applause that flowed so freely throughout Hannah and Oli’s reception.
The impact of having at least two cameras during such moments cannot be overstated. It enabled us to produce a richer, more dynamic final video, where the interplay of different perspectives adds depth and vibrancy to the narrative. This technique shines especially during the speeches, where the heartfelt words of the speakers are complemented by the genuine reactions of their loved ones, creating a more engaging and emotive segment.
Following the poignant speeches, our cameras didn’t miss a beat as we moved on to the cake cutting ceremony. Here, amidst the soft glow of the fairy lights and the rustic elegance of the decor, Hannah and Oli made their sweet gesture amidst cheers. A bit later, outside the marquee, some guests took a moment to enjoy the crisp evening air. Our team captured these serene moments, adding a lovely, relaxed vibe to the wedding film.
The atmosphere throughout the day was charged with energy, in no small part due to the fantastic music selection that had everyone's spirits high. As the evening progressed, the first dance unfolded. Filmed under a canopy of stars and string lights, Hannah and Oli’s first dance as a married couple was nothing short of magical. Our cameras captured every twirl and tender look, and as the other guests joined in, the dance floor came alive with jubilation.
Wrapping up the night, our footage from this vibrant celebration culminated in an amazing full-length video for Hannah and Oli, complemented by a series of fascinating highlight reels. These highlights, which have garnered admiration on our videography page, encapsulate the joy, elegance, and unique spirit of their boho-themed woodland wedding.

At Filmarry, we revel in the opportunity to bring such beautiful days to life through our lenses. Hannah and Oli's wedding was a testament to the love they share and the joyous celebration with their family and friends, all preserved in a film that will bring joy for years to come.
Why choose Filmarry?

At Filmarry, we understand that your wedding day is much more than just a ceremony - it's a vibrant celebration of love and a collection of moments that you'll cherish forever. Our dedication to capturing the essence of these moments sets us apart, making us the preferred choice for couples like Hannah and Oli who wish to capture their wedding in a truly cinematic style.

Expert multi-camera coverage.

As demonstrated at Hannah and Oli's enchanting boho woodland wedding at Eggington House, having two videographers on-site allows us to capture multiple angles of every significant moment. This approach ensures that the emotions of the day, from the joyous reactions of the wedding speeches to the intimate glances during the first dance, are never missed. Our ability to film both the significant actions and the reactions adds a rich, dynamic layer to your wedding film, providing a fuller story of your day.
Each couple has a unique story, and our films reflect this. Whether it's a luxury wedding videography package, a bespoke cinematic film, or a personalized highlight reel, we adapt our style to meet the specific preferences and personalities of our clients. For Hannah and Oli, capturing the natural, laid-back vibe of their boho-themed wedding while keeping it elegant and heartfelt was crucial, and we delivered exactly that.
Tailored to your style
Technology and techniques: Filmarry uses the latest in videography technology and editing techniques to ensure that every wedding film is of the highest quality. From drone footage to capture the grandeur of your venue to advanced sound equipment for clear audio of your vows and speeches, we bring the technical expertise necessary to produce a stunning visual narrative.

Seamless and non-intrusive filming: Our team prides itself on being discreet and non-intrusive, ensuring that the filming process does not disrupt the natural flow of your wedding day. We blend into the background, capturing candid moments as they naturally unfold. This approach was particularly appreciated by Oli, who preferred more natural footage over posed or 'cringey' setups.

Dedicated post-production: The magic doesn't end at the wedding. Our post-production team works diligently to craft a film that not only recounts your wedding day but also enhances it through artistic editing. The final product is not just a video but a cinematic experience that tells the story of your wedding day with elegance and flair.

Choosing Filmarry means entrusting your wedding day to a team that values the emotional and aesthetic elements of your special day as much as you do. Just like with Hannah and Oli, we ensure that your wedding film is a beautiful, timeless, and evocative representation of your most cherished moments. Visit our videography page to see more examples of how we can bring the unique essence of your love story to life.